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MCQ on Important Articles in Indian Constitution (Set 2)

1.  Article 368 of the Indian constitution deals with
A. Emergency provisions
B.Right to information
C. Emergency provisions
D. Amending procedure
Ans: D. Amending procedure
     2.  Article of the following article of Indian constitution ensures Freedom of Press in India
A. Article 25
B. article 19
C. Article 350
D. Article 326
Ans: B. article 19

MCQ on Important Articles in Indian Constitution - exam oriented
3. Which article of Indian constitution deals with Fundamental duties?
A. 51 A
Ans: A. 51 A
4. Which of the following articles contained fundamental rights?
A. 12 to 35
B.15 to 39
C. 30 to 49
D. 19 to 29
Ans: A. 12 to 35
5. According to which Article, the executive power of the Union is vested in the president of India.
 A. Article 64
B. Article 63
C. Article 52
D. Article 53
Ans: D. Article 53
6. To defend the country and render national service when called upon to do so is a fundamental duty. Which is the Article?
A. Article 51 A (b)
B. Article 51 A (c)
C. Article 51 A (d)
D. Article 51 A (e)
Ans: C. Article 51 A (d)
7.Article article is related to Grama sabha?
 A. Article 243 A
B. Article 243 B
C. Article 243 C
D. Article 243 D
Ans: A. Article 243 A
8. Article 29 and 30 deal with
A. Right to life and liberty
B. religious freedom
C.right against exploitation
D.cultural and educational rights
Ans: D.cultural and educational rights

9. Duty of the union to protect state against external aggregation  and internal disturbance’ . Which article is related to this provision ?
A. Article 354
B. Article 355
C. Article 356
D. Article 357
Ans: B. Article 355
10. Which article describes the procedure of impeachment?
A. Article 51
B. Article 55
C. Article 56
D. Article 61
Ans: D. Article 61