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MCQ on Important Articles in Indian Constitution (Set 1)

1.   ---- of Indian constitution provides right against exploitation
A. Article 25
B.Article 23
C.Article 26
D. Aricle 52
Ans: B.Article 23
      2.  Which article of the Indian constitution was interpreted as discriminatory against Jammu and Kashmir women?
A. Article 34
B. Article 370
C.Article 35A
D. Article 380
Ans: C. Article 35A
3. The article 17 of Indian constitution refers:
A. Freedom
B. Writ Petition
C. Untouchtability
D.Compulsory education
Ans: C.Untouchtability
MCQ on Important Articles in Indian Constitution-exam oriented
4. Minority rights are given in :
A. Article 31
B.Articles 25 to 28
C. Articles 29 to 30
D. Articles 33
Ans: C. Articles 29 to 30

5. Which article of Indian constitution refers special commission for STs:
 A. Article 55
B. Article 410
C. Article 338
D.Article 328
Ans: C. Article 338
6. Identify the article of the constitution that deals with Financial emergency
A. Article 356
B. Article 360
C. Article 352
D.Article 354
Ans: B. Article 360

7. In the constitution of India article 32 deals with
A. Equal pay for equal work
B. Writ
C.Panchayatraj system
D.Uniform civil code
Ans: B. Writ
8. The article of the Indian constitution that deals with the finance commission.
A. Article 280
B. Article 260
C. Article 280
D.Article 315
Ans: A. Article 280

9.The article of constitution which provides the right to central and state govt to impose and collect GST
 A. Article 246A
B. Article 245A
C. Article 345A
D.Article 346A
Ans: A. Article 246A
10. In the opinion of Dr. B R Ambedkar, which article can be called as the heart and soul of our constitution ?
 A. Article 19
B. Article 21
C.Article 22
D. Article 32
Ans: D. Article 32