Top Ten Quiz

MCQ on Indian National Congress

1)Who was the President of the Second Session of the Indian National Congress?
 A)Badaruddin Tyabji
 B)W C Banerjee
 C)George Yule
 D)Dadabhai Naroji
 Answer: D)Dadabhai Naroji
2)'Poorna Swaraj' was declared as the aim of INC in its ..... session?
Answer: B)Lahore
3) The Governor General of India at the time of foundation of Indian National Congress was?
 A)Lord Chelmsford
 B)Lord Dalhousie
 C)Lord Dufferin
 D)Lord Ripon
Answer:  C)Lord Dufferin
5)Which was the only session of INC Presided by Gandhi?
Answer D)Kakinad
6)In which session of INC,the moderates and extremists reunited?
 Answer: A)Lucknow
7)Nehru met Gandhi in which congress session held at 
MCQ on Indian National Congress

 Answer: A)Lucknow
8)The Lahore session of the congress was held in the year
 Answer: C)1929
9)----- marked the first campaign against British rule led by Indian National Congress (INC)
 A)Ahmedabad Mill Strike
 B)Non co operation movement
 C)Civil Disobedience movement
 D)Khilafat Movement
 Answer:  B)Non co operation movement
10)Who was the first muslim president president of INC
 A)Muhammad Alij Jinnah
 B)Abdul Kalam Azad
 C)Badaruddin Tayyabji
 D)Khan Abdul Khafar Khan
 Answer:  C)Badaruddin Tayyabji