MCQ on Indian Constitution (MCQ Set 7)

1)The first sitting of constituent assembly of India was held on
A)9 December 1946
B) 26 November 1946
C) 14 August 1947
D) 26 January 1950
Ans: 9 December 1946

2)The Comptroller and auditor General of India  is appointed by
 A)Speaker of Lok Sabha
 C)Prime Minister
 D)President of India
Answer D)President of India
3)Constitutional of India was adopted by constituent assembly on
 A)26 th January 1950
 B)26 th November 1949
 C) 29 th August 1947
 D)9th December 1946
Answer B)26 th November 1949

4)Subject  to the provisions of any law made by parliament  or any rules made under Article 145. Which of the constitution permits the supreme court to review it own judgment or order
 A)Article 134
 B)Article 135
 C)Article 130
 D)Article 137
Answer D)Article 137

5) Which article is inserted in the constitution of India by the constitution(97TH amendment)) act, 2011?
 A)Article 43B
 B)Article 39A
 C)Article 338A
 D)Article 361B
Answer: A)Article 43 B

6)Which of the following is not a constitutional body?
 A)Finance commission
 B)State public service commission
 C)Election commission
 D)State Human rights commission
Answer: D) State Human rights commission

7)The constitution of India provides free and compulsory education of all children in the age group of 6 to 14 years as a
 A)moral right
 B)political right
 C)fundamental right
 D)Natural right
Answer: C)fundamental right

8)Who was the second chairperson of National Human Rights commission?
 A)Justice KG Balakrishnan
 B) Justice MN Venkatachalliah
 C)Justice S Rajendra Babu
 D)Justice  J S Verma
Answer: B) Justice MN Venkatachalliah

9)How may schedules are there in the right to information act 2005?
 A)2 schedules
 B) 4 schedules
 C) 5 schedules
 D) 3 schedules
Answer: A)2 schedules

10)The institution of Ombudsman was first created in   
Answer: C)Sweden
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