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Quiz on Important Days of the Year (Set 1)

Quiz on Important Days of the Year
1)Human Rights Day is celebrated on
 A)October 24
 B)November 14
 C)December 10
 D)December 21
 Answer: C)December 10
2)The Global Day of Parents was observed on
 A)12 June
 B)05 June
 C)14 June
 D)01 June
Answer:  D)01 June
3)Which day is observed as World AIDS Day?
 A)May 1
 B)Dec 1
 C)June 1
 D)October 1
Answer: B)Dec 1
4)World population Day was observed on:
 A)June 11
 B)July 11
 C)August 11
 D)March 11
 Answer:  B)July 11
5)World health day is ____________
 A)7 th February
 B)7 th June
 C)7 th April
 D)7 th August
 Answer: C)7th April
6)’International Day of Non violence’ is observes on  ____________
 A)30 th January
 B)7 th June
 C)2 nd October
 D)16 th November
Answer: C)2nd October
7)’International Mother Language Day’ is being observed the world on
 A)21  January
 B) 21 February
 C) 21  April
 D)8th march
 Answer: B) 21 February
7)World Forest Day is on  
 A)March 22
 B)March 25
 C)March 21 
 D)March 31
Answer: B)March 21 
7)World Food Day is on  
 A)October 16
 B)July 26
 C) November 16
 D) September 16
Answer: A) October 16
7)International Yoga day is celebrates   
 A)June 21
 B) June 21
 C) July 21
 D) November 21
Answer: B) June 21
10)Which day is observed as world population day?
 A)June 11
 B)May 11
 C)July 11 
 D)April 11
Answer: C)July 11