Top Ten Quiz

Facts about India Quiz - MCQ set 1

1)Which Nuclear power plant became India's first Nuclear plant to generate 1000 MW power
 Answer A)Kudankulam
2)On the banks of which river the famous city of Kolkata situated?
 Answer B)Hughly
3)The length of Indian coastline is?
 A)5000 km
 B)5500 km
 C)7516.6 km
 D)5800 km
Answer C)7516.6 km
4)Name the longest peninsular river of India?
Answer A)Godavari
5)Khetri copper mine is in ...?
Answer B)Rajastan

6)Which of the following regions in India is the richest in iron and coal deposits ?
 A)Chota Nagpur Plateau
 B)Southern Region
 C)Himalayan Region
 D)Thar Desert
 Answer:  A)Chota Nagpur Plateau
7)Longest Rail Bridge in India
 A)Ganga Rail Bridge
 B)Jubily Railway Bridge
 C)Bogibeel Rail Road Bridge
 D)Vembanad Rail Bridge
Answer: c)Bogibeel Rail Road Bridge
8)The disputed 'Babli Project' is situated across the river _____
Answer: B)Godavari
9)Which city in India is called as 'Zero mile centre of India' ?
 Answer: D)Nagpur
10)Which Indian state has the lowest population density ?
 B)Arunanchal Pradesh
Answer: B)Arunanchal Pradesh