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MCQ on GK and Facts About Kerala (Kerala PSC)

Question 1:-When did Varkala Tunnel opened for transport
 Answer:- A)1875
Question 2:-Grant an aid to the educational institution (private) was introduced during the reign of
 A:-Ayilyam Tirunal
 B:-Srimoolam Tirunal
 C:-Swathi thirunal
 D:-Visakam Tirunal
Answer:  A:-Ayilyam Tirunal
Question 3:-Who was the Diwan of Cochin who introduced vaccination against smallpox
 A:-Col Munro
 C:-Sunkunni Menon
 D:-Venkata Subayya
Answer: B:-Nanjappayya
Question 4:-Anjarakandy spice plantation started in the year
Answer: C:-1797
Question 5:-Who was the Finance Minister of Aurangazeb
 A:-Raja Thodarmal
 C:-Abdul Fazal
Answer:- D:-Reghunath
Question 6:-Which is the Arab country which has no desert
Answer:- D:-Bahrain
Question 7:-What is the expansion of VVPAT
 A:-Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail 
 B:-Verified Voters Paper Audit Test
 C:-Verified Voters Popular Audit Test
 D:-Voters Verified Paper Account Trail
Answer:- A:-Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail 
Question 8:-First Yatheem Khana in Kerala started in connection of
 B:-1921 Malabar rebellion
 C:-Flood of 1965
 D:-Natural calamities
 Answer: B:-1921 Malabar rebellion
Question 9:-Who was the Diwan of Cochin who abolished slavery in cochin
 A:-Sankunni Menon
 C:-Sankara Warrier
 D:-Venkata Subayya
 Answer:- B:-Nanjappayya
Question 10:-The post of Director of Public Instruction started in Kerala during the reign of
 A:-Sri Moolam Tirunal
 B:-Ayilyam Tirunal
 C:-Swathi Thirunal
 D:-Visakam Tirunal
Answer:-  A:-Sri Moolam Tirunal
Question 11:-Where did handball originated
Answer:- D:-Ireland
Question 12:-Who was the ruler of Kerala who distributed dress materials to the backward classes
 A:-Sakthan Thampuran
 C:-Tippu Sultan
 Answer:-  C:-Tippu Sultan
Question 13:-When did village panchayat introduced in Kerala
Answer:- A:-1925
Question 14:-Who was the Diwan of Cochin who introduced Dyarchy
 A:-Govinda Menon
 B:-R.K.Shanmukham Chetti
 Answer:-  B:-R.K.Shanmukham Chetti
Question 15:-By whose report Malabar Special Police came into existence
 A:-Logen's Report
 B:-Nappier's report
 C:-Strange's Report
 D:-Conolly's report
Answer:-  C:-Strange's Report
Question 16:-Indira Gandhi Gold Cup is connected with which game
 A:-men's football
 B:-women's circket
 C:-women's hockey
 D:-women's football
Answer: C:-women's hockey
Question 17:-What was the capital of Malabar under Hyderali and Tippu Sultan
 Answer:- C:-Farookabad
Question 18:-Who was the freedom fighter who was compelled to exile by British
 A:-Fasal Pookoya Thangal
 B:-Sayyed Alavi Thangal
 C:-Vakkam Moulavi
Answer:A:-Fasal Pookoya Thangal
Question 19:-What is the original name of Kunjali IV
 D:-Sayyed Alavi
 Answer:-  B:-Mohamedali
Question 20:-Who was the Cochin Raja at the time of integration of Cochin with Travancore
 A:-Kerala Varma
 B:-Ravi Varma
 C:-Parikshit Thampuran
Answer:C:-Parikshit Thampuran
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