Top Ten Quiz

MCQ on General Science (Set 8)

1. Which of the following will have the highest boiling point?
A) n heptane
B) n hexane 
C) 2 2- dimethyl butane
D) 2 methyl butane 
  Ans: A) n heptane 
2. Identify the name of an organism which shows bioluminescence from the following
A) spongilla
B) liver fluke
C) Asterias
D) Ctenoplana 
Ans: D) Ctenoplana 
3. The electric field inside a uniformly charged thin spherical shell is
A) 1
B) 0
C) 10
D) Infinity
Ans: B) 0
4.The colorless plastids in green plants that store starch is 
A) Aleuroneplast
B) Amylopast
C) Proteinoplast
D) Elaioplast
Ans: B) Amylopast
Exam Oriented General Science MCQ
5. When a stone is thrown vertically above, the acceleration at the top is 
A) g
B) 0
C) -g
D) 0.5g
Ans: A) g
6. Accorging to Lewis concept acid is 
A) proton donar
B) proton acceptor
C) electron pair donor
D) electron pair acceptor
Ans: D) electron pair acceptor
7. When temperature increases, the elctrical conductivity of a semi coductor
A) decreases
B) increases
C) no change
D) first increases then decrases
Ans: B) increases
8. Which is the initiation codon for protein synthesis in higher animals?
Ans: D)AUG
9. Name an important protein digesting protein in gatric juice of human being?
A) trypsin
B) pepsin
C) Chyotrypsin
D) Aminopeptydiase
Ans: B) pepsin
10. Which is the most elastic material 
A) rubber
B) timber
C) steel
D) plastic
Ans: C) steel