Top Ten Quiz

MCQ on General Science (Set 9)

1. A liquid drop is spherical in shape due to 
B) viscosity
C) buoyancy
D) surface tension
  Ans: D) surface tension
2. Ascorbic acid is the chemical name of 
A) vitamin A
B) vitamin B
C) vitamin C
D) Vitamin D
Ans: D) Vitamin D
3. The thermoregulatory centre in the human brain is 
A) pituitry gland
B) spinal cord
C) cerebellum
D) Hypothallamus
Ans: D) Hypothallamus
4.The common mushrooms that erupt out from soil during rainy season is referred to as  
A) Ascocap
B) mesocarp
D) Epicarp
Ans: C)Basidiocarp
Exam Oriented General Science MCQ
5. The shape of ammonia molecule
A) tetrahedral
B) linear
C) pyramidal
D) planar
Ans: C) pyramidal
6. Whch is a widely used diagnostic test for AIDS
A) Biopsy
B) X Ray
C) Widal Test
7. Unicellular algae in the following which is used as Single Cell protein(SCP) is 
A) chalamydomonas
B) chara
C) Gonyaulax
D) Chlorella
Ans: D)Chlorella
8. Arrangement of floral leave in a bud condition of a flower is termed as 
A) Aestivation 
B) Phyllotaxy
C) Veination
D) Placentation
Ans: A) Aestivation 
9. Give an example for insitu biodiversity conservation?
A) zoological parks
B) botanical parks
C) national parks
D) museums
Ans: C) national parks
10. Flowering response of plants towards the period of light exposure is termed as  
A) phototropism
B) photoperiod
C) photoperiodism
D) photorespiration
Ans:C) photoperiodism