Indian Constitution MCQ (Set 8)

1. The provision regarding the appointment and conditions of service of the comptroller and auditor general of India are laid down in
A) Article 148
B)Article 324
C)Article 74
D)Article 280
Ans: A) Article 148

2. Directive Principles of state policy are enumerated in
A)Part III
B) Part II
C) Part IV
D)Part IX
Ans: C) Part IV

3. The Parliament of India consists of
A)President and Prime Minister
B)Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha
C) President, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha
D) President, Prime minister and Council of ministers
Ans: C) President, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

4. The character of a fundamental right in the Indian constitution is adopted from the constitution of
Ans: A)America

5. To whom a governor address his resignation?
B)Prime Minister
C)Chief Minister
D)Chief Justice of the High Court
Ans: A)President

6.The retirement age of Supreme court Judges is
Ans: C)65
7. Choose the central service among the following:
A) Indian Railway Service
B)Indian Administrative service
C)Indian police service
D)sales tax officers
Ans: A) Indian Railway Service

8. The chairman and members of UPSC are appointed by
A)prime minister
D)chief justice of the supreme court
Ans: B)president
9.  Identify the constituental Amendment through which a list of fundamental duties was inserted to Indian constitution.
A)38th Amendment
B)52nd Amendment
C)44th Amendment
D)42nd Amendment
Ans: D)42nd Amendment
10. Which article of the Indian Constitution deals about money bill?
A)Article 110
B)Article 109
C)Article 120

D)Article 118
Ans: A)Article 110

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