Top Ten Quiz

Exam Oriented General Science MCQ (Set 7)

1. When the driver of a moving bus suddenly applies the brake, passengers fall forward due to:
A) friction
B) impulse 
C) inertia
D) momentum
  Ans: C) inertia 
2. Identify the element which shows variable valency. 
A) Helium
B) Magnesium
C) Sodium
D) Iron 
Ans: D) Iron
3. The speed of chemical reaction between gases increases with an increase in pressure due to
an increase in
A)   Number of molecules
B) Volume
C) Concentration
D) Distance between molecules
Ans: C) Concentration
4. The scientific principle behind the working of a transformer is
A) Mutual induction
B) Transmission
C) Rectification
D) Amplification
Ans: A) Mutual induction
Exam Oriented General Science MCQ
5. Cryolite is the mineral of which metal?
A) Al 
B) Fe
C) Zn
D) Cu
Ans: A) Al
6. The nucleus is discovered by
A) Robert Brown
B) Golgi
C) Bowman
D) Fountain
Ans: A) Robert Brown
7. The isotope of carbon which is known by the name buckyballs?
A) Graphite
B) Diamond
C) Fullerene
D) Coal
Ans: C) Fullerene
8. Acid rain is due to
A) O3 and dust
B) SO2 and NO2
C) SO3 and CO
D) CO2 and CO
Ans: B) SO2 and NO2
9. Greenhouse effect is mainly due to
A) CH4
B) SO2
D) CO2
Ans: (D) CO2
10. Which of the following is a water-soluble Vitamin?
A) Calciferol
B) Tocoferol
C) Ascorbic acid
D) Phyloquinone
Ans: C) Ascorbic acid