Top Ten Quiz

MCQ on Information Technology (Set 7)

1. Father of Indian Super Computer
A)Sameer Bhatia 
B) U R Rao
C)Vijay P Bhatkar   
D)Reghunadh Maschelkar
Ans:C)Vijay P Bhatkar   
2. Who among the following founded The free software foundation?
A) Donald E Knuth 
B) Linus Torvalds   
C)Dennis Ritchie   
D)Richard Stallman
Ans:D)Richard Stallman
MCQ on Information Technology
3. Name the act that governs the internet usage in India
A)The IT Gazette of India Act, 2004 
B)The Right to Information Act, 2005
C)The Information Technology act 2000 
D)The Internet usage act, 2002
Ans:C)The Information Technology act 2000 
4. The section which provides punishment for sending an offensive message through communication services
A)Section 66 A 
B) Section 66 B 
C) Section 66 C 
D) Section 66 D
Ans: A)Section 66 A 
5. Who are the founders of Whatsapp?
A) Brian Acton and Tim Cook 
B) Jan Koum and Tim Cook
C) Brian Acton and Mark Zuckerberg 
D)Brian Acton and Jan Koum
Ans:D)Brian Acton and Jan Koum
6. Which section of IT act deals with Cyber Terrorism?
7. Whing among the following is the agency designed to respond to incidents related to security in India as part of the information technology (Amendment )Act, 2008?
C) CERT-In         
       Ans:C) CERT-In        
8. ‘URL’ stands for
A)Universe Resource Locator
 B)universe Reform Locator
C)Uniform Reform Locator
D)Uniform Resource Locator
Ans:D)Uniform Resource Locator
9.HTML is an acronym for
A)Hyper Text Machine Language
B)Hyper Transfer Machine Language
C)Hyper Text Markup Language
D)Hyper Transfer Markup Language
Ans:C)Hyper Text Markup Language
10.The  inventor of the World Wide Web
A) James H Clark
B) Tim Berner’s Lee 
C)Robert Cailliau 
D)Alan Turing
Ans:B) Tim Berner’s Lee