MCQ on Committees and Commissions

1. Narasimham committee is associated with
 A) Banking
 B) Industry
 C) Tax
 D) film
Answer: A)Banking
2. Which o the following committee was formed by the government of India in the year 1979 to study the issue of child labour and to suggest measures to tackles it
 A) Ravindra Verma Committee
 B) R N Malhotra committee
 C) Justice V S Malimath Committee
 D) Gurupadaswamy Committee
Answer: D)Gurupadaswamy Committee
MCQ on Committees and Commissions
3.----- appointed to study and report centre and state relations
A)Sarkaria commission
B)Rajendra Babu commission
C)Shah Commission
D)Navavathi commission
Ans: A)Sarkaria commission
4.The first Other Backward Class Commission (OBC) appointed in India
A)Mandal commission
B)Nettur commission
C)Kaka Kalelkar commission
D)Mukherjee commission
Ans: C)Kaka Kalelkar commission

5. The Fazal Ali commission studied about
A)electoral reforms
B)centre-state reforms
C)state re organization
D)Panchayat Raj institution
Ans: C)state re organization
6.Of the following committees which is not related with Panchayati Raj System?
A)B S Chouhan Committee
B)G V K Rao committee
C)Balwat Rai Mehta committee
D)V T Krishnamachari committee
Ans: A)B S Chouhan Committee
7.In which year India Government appointed M M Puncchi commission
Ans: A)2007
8.The name of committee set up in 1995 to study the Prasar Bharathi Act
A)Sengupta committee
B)Joshi committee
C) B G Varghese Committee
D)Justice Rajadhyaksha committee
Ans: A)Sengupta committee
9. The name of education commission recommended the 10+2+3 pattern of the education system in India                                                                                    
A)S Radhakrishnan Commission
B)D S Kothari Commission
C)U R Anandamoorthi commission
D)Lakshmana Swami Muthaliayar commission
Ans: B)D S Kothari Commission
10.The education commission deputed for secondary education?
A)Hunter commission
B)Kothari Commission
C)Muthaliar commission
D)Radhakrishnan commission
Ans: C)Muthaliar commission

11.The fundamental duties of the constitution were incorporated on the recommendations of

A)Ashok Metha committee
B)Jithender Singh committee
C)Swaran Singh committee
D)Govardhan Mehta committee
Ans:C)Swaran Singh committee

12.Which committee has been constituted by Union Government to examine the existing framework with regard to virtual currencies?
A)H R Khan Committee
B)Dinesh Sharma Committee
C)Shaktikanta Committee
D)B.S Dharmaraj Committee
Ans:B)Dinesh Sharma Committee

13.The Verma Committee of 1999 was appointed in relation with
A)Identification of legal provision for the implementation of some fundamental duties
B)The review of Governor's role in the state Administration 
C)Implementation of Rights to Education
D)Human Rights violations against women and children 
Ans:A)Identification of legal provision for the implementation of some fundamental duties

14.Name the committee, will be constituted by the Haryana Govt. to out solution to polluted water flowing in Yamuna River?
A)Ram Bilas Sharma Committee
B) Om Prakash Dhankar Committee 
C) Krishalal Panwar Committee
D)Narbeer Singh Committee
Ans:B) Om Prakash Dhankar Committee

15.The Sachar Committee is related to which of the following?
A) Freedom of Press
B) Equal Opportunities
C) Electroral reforms
D)Centre State Relations
Ans:B) Equal Opportunities
16. Karve committee is related to
A) basic and heavy industry
B) agriculture
C) Public sector
D) Small scale industry
Ans: D) Small scale industry

17. In which committee recommendations were the major changes in direct and indirect
tax policies in India accepted ?
A) Chelliah Committee 
B) Narasimham Committee
C) Sen Committee 
D) Kelkar Committee 
Ans: A) Chelliah Committee 

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