Top Ten Quiz

Quiz on Insects

1. By what process do caterpillars lose their skin?
         Ans: Moulting
2. Do bees undergo a metamorphosis?
         Ans: No
3. Which habitats is most favourable to butterflies?
        Ans: Tropical forest
4. Where poison is stored in scorpions?
        Ans: In the tail
5. Which insect is the greatest disease carrier?
         Ans: House fly
6. Which insect produces a substance called ‘royal jelly’?
        Ans: Honey bee
7. Which insect has the largest wingspan?
        Ans: Atlas moth
8. Which is the largest order of insects?
       Ans: Coleoptera(Beetles)
9. Which is the most common insect and a household eater of books is a living fossil?
      Ans: Silver fish
10. Which is the shortest living insect?