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1. Two electrons in the same atomic orbital is distinguished by their

 (A) Principal quantum number 

(B) Azimuthal quantum number

 (C) Magnetic quantum number

 (D) Spin quantum number

2. Which of the following species have minimum size ?

 (A) O2–

 (B) Mg2+

 (C) F–

 (D) Al3+

3. According to V.S.E.P.R. theory the shape of PCl–4 molecule is

 (A) Trigonal bipyramidal

(B) Tetrahedral

 (C) Seesaw

(D) Square planar

4. One method to remove temporary hardness is

 (A) Using washing soda

(B) By Calgon process

 (C) Clark’s method

 (D) Permutit method

5. The group of elements which does not belong to Dobereiner triads is

 (A) (Li, Na, K)

(B) (C, Si, Ge)

 (C) (P, As, Sb)

 (D) (Cl, Br, I)

6. Name the crystal system in which all the sides and all the angles are different.

 (A) Orthorhombic

(B) Monoclinic

 (C) Triclinic

(D) Hexagonal

7. Artificial graphite is prepared by

 (A) Acheson’s process

(B) Deacon’s process

 (C) Dow’s process

 (D) Hall – Herault’s process

8. Kaolinite is the ore of

 (A) Copper

 (B) Iron

 (C) Aluminium

 (D) Zinc

9. An electron transits from 7th orbit to 3rd orbit of Li2+ ion. The spectrum will occur in

 (A) U-V region

(B) Visible region

 (C) Far Infra-red region

 (D) Near Infra-red region

10. Among the following which is not an interhalogen compound ?

 (A) ClF3

 (B) BrF5

 (C) ICl3

 (D) FBr3












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