Biology Exam Questions | Junior Assistant | Biology MCQ

1. Large empty cells found in the adaxial epidermis in grasses

 (A) Lerticel

(B) Bulliform cell

 (C) Subsidiary cell

(D) Mesophyll cell

2. Diabetes insipidus is caused due to

 (A) Deficiency of insulin

(B) Excess of insulin

 (C) Hyposecretion of ADH

(D) Hypersecretion of ADH

Biology Exam Questions |  Junior Assistant |  Biology MCQ

3. Excretory organ in insects is

 (A) Green gland

 (B) Malpigian tubules

 (C) Nephrida

(D) Protonephrida

4. Identify the 5 Carbon compound

 (A) CO2



5. Canary grass experiment related hormone

 (A) Auxin

(B) Gibberellin

 (C) ABA

(D) Ethylene

6. Joint between Atlas and Axis

 (A) Pivot joint

 (B) Hing joint

 (C) Ball and Socket joint

 (D) Hinge joint

7. Downs Syndrome is related to

 (A) Nullisomy

 (B) Monosomy

 (C) Trisomy

(D) Tetrasomy

8. Biological glue is

 (A) Ligase

(B) Restriction

 (C) DNA polymerates

 (D) Permeate

9. Other than Green house gas

 (A) CO2

 (B) CH4

 (C) NO2

 (D) NH4

10. Basic unit of classification is

 (A) Family

(B) Genes

 (C) Species

(D) Order

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