MCQ on Indian Constitution (Set10)

1. Indian Independence Act, 1947 granted what sort of status to India ?

 A) Republic B) Swaraj C) Dominion d) Poorna Swaraj

    Answer: C) Dominion
2. The principle of communal representation in India was first introduced in which Act ?

 A) The Indian Council Act, 1909 B) The Indian Council Act, 1861

 C) Government of India Act, 1935 d) Indian Council Act, 1892

Answer: B) The Indian Council Act, 1861

3. Who said these words about Cripps Proposals : ‘‘Post-dated cheque on a failing Bank” ?

 A) Mahatma Gandhi B) Sardar Patel C) m. N. Roy d) G. Ayyangar

Answer:  A) Mahatma Gandhi
4. Under which Act, Union Public Service Commission was formed ?

 A) 1919 Act B) 1909 Act C) 1858 Act D) 1935 Act

Answer: D) 1935 ActMCQ on  Indian Constitution (Set10)

5. When the Constituent Assembly was formed ?

 A) 1944 B) 1946 C) 1947 d) 1945

Answer: B) 1946

6. The emergency powers of the President are modelled on the Constitution from which

country ?

 A) U.S.A. B) Germany C) U.K. D) South Africa

Answer: D) South Africa

7. Powers, Privileges and Immunities of Parliament and its members are protected by

 A) President B) Speaker C) Prime minister D) Election Commissioner

Answer: B) Speaker

8. The final interpreter of the Constitution of India

 A) Cabinet B) President C) Parliament D) Supreme Court

Answer: D) Supreme Court

9. Which Amendment Act lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 years ?

 A) 61st B) 64th C) 65th d) 60th

Answer: A) 61st 

10. All disputes in connection with elections to Lok Sabha is submitted to

 A) High Court B) Supreme Court  C) Returning Officer D) Election Commission  

Answer: A) High Court

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