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Fathers of Technology | Greatest Inventions and Inventors

Fathers of Internet   | Greatest Inventions and Inventors

  1. Father of Computer - Charles Babbage
  2. Father of Transistor -J Berdeen, W Shockley, W Brattain
  3. Father of Computer Science -Alan Turing
  4. Father of IC Chip - Robert Noyce and Jack Kilby
  5. Father of Computer Architecture -Dr. John Von Neumann
  6. Father of Portable Computer - Adam Osborne
  7. Father of Electronic Digital Computer - Dr. John Vincent
  8. Father of Personal Computer -Henry Edward Robert
  9. Father of  Information Technology -Claude Elwood Shannon
  10. Father of Sketchpad/ Computer Graphics -Ivan Sutherland
  11. Father of Super Computer - Seymour Cray
  12. Father of Internet -Vinton Cerf
  13. Father of World Wide Web - Tim Berners Lee
  14. Father of  Free Software -Richard Stallman
  15. Father of Computer Game -Steve Russell
  16. Father of Video Games -Ralph Baer
  17. Father of Keyboard -Chritopher Sholes
  18. Father of Mouse - Carl Douglas Engelbert
  19. Father of Binary Language- George Boole
  20. Father of C language - Dennis Ritchie
  21. Father of Binary Code - Eugene Paul Curtis
  22. Father of Wi Fi- Vic Hayes
  23. Father of Floppy Disc -Alan Shugart
  24. Father of Compact Disc - James T Russell
  25. Father of Hard Disk Drive - Alan Shugart
  26. Father of E-mail- Ray Tomlinson
  27. Father of Laptop - Bill Moggridge
  28. Father of Computer Virology - Dr. John Vohn Neumann
  29. Father of Cellular Phone -Martin Cooper
  30. Father of Artificial Intelligence - John McCarthy
  31. Father of Information Theory -Claude Elwood Shannon
In India
  1. Father of Indian IT - Rajiv Gandhi
  2. Father of Indian Super Computer - Dr. Vijay B Bhantnagar
  3. Father of the Indian Software Industry - Faqir Chand Kohli
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