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June 29 - World Camera Day || History of the Cameras Timeline

June 29 - World Camera Day || History of the Cameras Timeline

History of the cameras Timeline

1500: The Camera Obscura
1825: The first permanent photograph by Joseph Niepce using camera obscura
1839: Louis Jacques Daguerre took the first fixed image that didn’t fade & named the process – the Daguerreotype.
1844: The Megaskop, the camera to take a panoramic image

1888: George Eastman, a pioneer in photographic films usage, patented Kodak roll-film camera

1900: First mass-marketed camera, called the Brownie (the Kodak Brownie) goes on sale

1900: The first lightweight travel camera for landscape photographers, Raisecamera, was invented.

1913: Oskar Barnack invented ( first commercially successful 35mm still-camera, subsequently called Leica I (1925)

1948: Edwin Land launches the Polaroid camera (Polaroid model 95)

1978: First point and shoot autofocus camera Konica C35 AF by Konica.

1986: The Quicksnap, the disposable camera invented by Fuji

1991: Kodak DCS SLR First professional digital camera system (DCS) for sale

2000: Sharp JSHQ4 The first camera phone

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