Top Ten Quiz

MCQ on Kerala Schemes

1.The name given to the Cochlear implantation programme of Kerala Government is:
A. Thalolam
B. Sruthi Tharangam
C. Sneehasparsham
D. Sandhabalyam
Ans: B. Sruthi Tharangam
 2.”Kaithangu’ is a scheme of the government of Kerala for
A.The protection of physically handicapped children under the age limit of 14.
B. The prevention of atrocities  against women and children
C.Safeguarding the non married mothers of the tribal areas
D.extending medical aid to the cancerous senior citizen
Ans: B. The prevention of atrocities  against women and children
MCQ on Kerala Schemes
3. Name the programme introduced by Govt. Of Kerala for differentially abled person for rehabilitation in 2017
Ans: C.Kaivalya
4. Kerala Government's Awaz scheme offers
A. health insurance for migrant workers for all houseless families treatment to children for the disabled people
Ans: A. health insurance for migrant workers
5. Empowerment project for the differentially abled persons devised by Kerala IT mission
A. Athulyam
B. Samagra
C. Sampoorna
Ans: D.Insight
6. Which of the following scheme is not included in ‘Nava Kerala Mission’?
A. Life
B. Ardram
C.Haritha Keralam
D.EMS housing scheme
ANS: D.EMS housing scheme
7. The Kerala State government started a programme to promote organ donation is
A. Arogyakiran
B. Vayomithram
D.Amrutha Yojana
Ans: C.Mrithasanjeevani

8. The pension scheme introduced by Kerala Government for farmers
A. Kisan Sree
B. Green card
C.Kisan Abhiman
D.Kisan Credit card
Ans: C.Kisan Abhiman
9. What is the name of rainwater harvesting scheme organised by Kerala Government ?
A. Haritha
B. Jalanidhi
C. Varsha
D. Anugraha
Ans: C. Varsha
10. The name of ambitious project to reform public health sector introduced by Kerala government is
B.Haritha mission
D.Aardram mission
Ans: D.Aardram mission